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Top 5 Overlooked Tips All Junior React Devs Should Know



Your hiring manager is really busy, so keep it short. Stick to bullet points and highlight job-relevant, big wins from your previous positions.

Additionally, use numbers as much as possible. This is a quick way for the hiring manager to see how awesome you are.



Practice. A lot. Interviewing is a skill that atrophes quickly.

Practice the basics like, "tell me about a time you overengineered a solution" or "walk me through your process of fixing a bug."

It's not enough just to know code. You need to be a clear communicator.

The number 1 thing that stops us from communicating effectively? Fear. So practice enough to a point where you are confident in talking about yourself to strangers.

Remember, you're a good person, and you have a lot to offer. Keep your head up high and know that rejections are okay, and they do not reflect who you truly are.



In lieu of commercial experience, you want to offer experiences you've gained from completing real-world, functional projects.

It's not just enough to prove you know a language or framework. You'll be competing with lots of applicants who know that. What really counts is being able to work as a team and move the business forward.


Tech Challenges

Most developers, especially juniors, add unecessary complexity to software problems. When you're starting out, stick to 1 framework or language. Don't add too much right away. If you're building a side project, limit the scope so you can knock out a v1 in under 30 days.

If you use print / console.log  statements everywhere, it's time to invest in a debugger. Take a day, learn the basics, and you will start solving bugs in a fraction of the time.


Online Presence

If I Google you, I should see your LinkedIn and Github. This makes it easy for me to quickly check that you're active in the community and  that you code. It may be seen as a red flag if you're too anonymous, if you know what I mean.


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